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Junior Football Manager
The skills you use to manage your family’s finances can be useful elsewhere as well. Lots of parents play an important part in running their kids’ junior football clubs and this can require a cool financial head! Have a go with our game that puts you in charge of the finances of a junior football team and discover the impact your financial decisions can have. Please wait while loading, this is 3 MB file and could take up to 2 minutes to appear depending on your connection.

Additional resources

REVIEW AND PRINT INTRUCTIONS: The Football Manager game has all of the instructions needed to play it built in. However, if you want to review the instructions or give them to your learners as printed handouts please click the heading link above.

TUTOR NOTES SECTION: To allow you, as a tutor, to get the most out of this interactive we have provided some tutor notes. This section will help you understand the underlying game play and principles and how they relate to financial literacy for your learners.


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